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My Rent Hero to the Rescue

My Rent Hero to the Rescue

We are here to save the day. No more hassle in house hunting. Let our local property experts do the leg work, so that you can spend time on what really matters: planning your future memories.


Verified Properties

Verified Properties

Tailored For Students

Tailored For Students

Same-Day Showings

Same-Day Showings

Concierge-Like Services

Concierge-Like Services

Schedule Tours In-Person or Virtually (with our local experts)

MyRentHero offers a concierge-like service. Already in the area? We pick you up and take you to visit the properties. Out of town? We go to the properties for you. Take pictures, ask the questions, the works. Our goal is to make your journey smooth, easy and pleasant.

Tailored for Students Like You

Congrats on taking this next big step in your life! You must be so busy taking care of many pressing matters before your big move. We get you. This is why we are available to go one step ahead and select potentially perfect homes for you. Just get in touch, let us know your preferences, and we will have some options ready for you to check out!

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Join a carefully curated and highly targeted roster of rental properties to increase occupancy rates, improve your renting experience, gain visibility and easily streamline your listings.

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  • As a landlord, what features does the platform have?

    First and foremost, an easy upload feature that allows you to get your property on the platform in minutes. From there, your dashboard allows you to organize all applications in a clear view, tools to accept/reject/request more documents per applicant on our secure platform, store signed leases, manage rent payments if you choose, and use our message center to communicate with parents and tenants. Is there something you’d like to see that we didn’t think of? Send us a note ASAP at [email protected].

  • How does the guarantor process work?

    Your son/daughter will add your email to the application they are submitting for a particular property. You’ll get instructions to very easily upload the necessary files the landlord requests (again, on our secure platform) and complete the application process. The landlord will then have all they need to accept/reject the application.

  • As a property owner, why should I use MyRentHero to support my property/properties?

    MyRentHero is transforming the off-campus renting experience. We are bridging the gap to create a marketplace for renters and landlords to meet in one place – simplifying the search, application process, lease signing, payments, and service management of off-campus rentals.

  • You mention roommates, how does that work with applications and leases?

    Each roommate (if you have them) will submit an application for a specific property, the landlord will review your background and your credit history (if a landlord requires a guarantor, we’ve made it easy to add Mom and Dad) and will either approve or reject your application in hours.

  • My son/daughter mentioned MyRentHero, who are you?

    We are tech entrepreneurs that have been parts of some of the largest ed tech companies in the world – we believe in technology enabling a historically old-fashioned market. Our mission is quite simple: to provide students and property owners with the simplest, most efficient and transparent technology for off-campus living.

  • How do I get started?

    It’s simple, just start looking for the perfect property. Find a few that you like? Create a profile using our easy sign up tool – we capture your information once so you can apply to multiple properties without having to resubmit redundant information for applications – share properties with roommates by entering their email, and start applying.

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